Complementary Therapies

Enhancing your quality of life

The Complementary Therapies provided at the COUCH Wellness Centre in Cairns align to evidence-based cancer care and have known researched benefits for people diagnosed and living with cancer.  

Complementary Therapies are designed to enhance quality of life and support health and well-being. They are generally used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments and compliment an individual’s chosen treatment pathway. 

Complementary therapies do not replace medical treatment regimes, they can instead be effective in managing some treatment side effects and decreasing stress and anxiety. 

For further information on recent research outcomes in complementary therapies used in cancer care, please view our Evidence and Research page. 

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is a specialised therapeutic massage designed for people living with cancer. It is different to remedial or Swedish massage as the Massage Therapist has undertaken specialised oncology training and understands the impacts and side effects of cancer treatment.   

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Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy which has shown many benefits for people living with cancer. Through the massage of the feet or hands, reflexology aims to promote wellness in other areas of the body.  

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Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that is commonly used by people living with cancer to assist in reducing treatment related side effects such as nausea and vomiting.  Research indicates that it may also reduce pain, anxiety, fatigue, stress and insomnia. Acupuncture that is tailored to meet the specific needs of people living with cancer and undergoing cancer treatment is available at the COUCH Wellness Centre in Cairns. 

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At the COUCH Wellness Centre, we offer “Gentle and Restorative Yoga” to help you relax with a combination of physical movement (yoga postures), breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  

One of the main reasons people living with cancer say they love yoga is because it makes them feel good and provides a sense of relaxation, relief and clarity of mind. 

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Pilates is a safe and supportive practice for improving muscle weakness, managing pain, promoting range of movement, postural enhancement and building of strength.   

At the COUCH Wellness Centre our Pilates instructor has specialised experience working with people with cancer, and understands the additional needs associated with your treatment and recovery.  

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Meditation is a Mindfulness based intervention that contributes to reductions in psychological distress, sleep disturbance, and fatigue, and promotes personal growth in areas such as quality of life for people undergoing cancer treatments.  

COUCH Wellness Centre clients are able to attend weekly meditation sessions on a Friday, which they report is a nice way to end the week and gives them a chance to unwind and relax.   

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi classes at the COUCH Wellness Centre provide a calm, soothing activity that helps promote wellbeing for the mind and body. Tai Chi assists with clear thinking whilst increasing your flexibility and balance. It also helps to reduce stress and pain. 

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