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The COUCH Wellness Centre fees have been heavily subsidised by the COUCH Charity to provide equitable access to care within our local community. To assist with our goal, we have partnered with health care providers and facilitators that align to the same values. Through their support, we can offer our clients an extended range of health and well-being services at affordable prices.

Our services are eligible for Medicare and private health fund claiming. We can assist you with accessing these co-funding options for your care. This means many of our services may only have a small out of pocket expense.

As a for-purpose charity, the COUCH Wellness Centre is a social venture which serves the community it supports. All proceeds received through our supports and services are re-invested back into supporting our clients with reduced pricing, free workshops and ongoing cancer care initiatives. By becoming a client of the COUCH Wellness Centre, you are also doing your bit to help care for others too.

Our Care Partnership with you

Once you choose to join the COUCH Wellness Centre, your care partnership program covers a range of activities, care and supportive services. Your program will provide access to:

  A qualified cancer care nurse to assist with managing your ongoing health and well-being during all phases of your cancer experience
  Timely advice and support with symptom management from treatment and evidence-based care planning, specifically for your needs
  Individual needs assessment, including referrals, follow ups and reviews as required
  Wellness Care Plan including all reviews to help you keep everything about your care in the one place
  A range of services to support your carer and family members are available to assist their needs as they support you
  Subsidised consultations to Allied Health Professionals and Complementary Therapies to manage your health and well-being (in some cases up to 50% off commercial rates)
  Medicare, DVA and private health fund eligible claiming, with only a small out of pocket expense for services.
  Grief, loss and bereavement support for carers and families
  Use of the COUCH Wellness Centre’s facilities, including a custom-built health studio and gym (currently under construction).
  Group sessions, workshops, education events, evidence-based research and resources specifically for people diagnosed and living with cancer.

Some Private Health Funds may cover memberships for your health and well-being management.  Please check with your provider if you are able to claim your care partnership program with the COUCH Wellness Centre. 

Care Partnership Program: Sponsored for all clients by the COUCH Charity until 30th June 2021

Care Plans

Your journey with cancer is as individual as your fingerprint. Our cancer care nurses work with you to create a care plan to match your needs across the phases of living with cancer. Your care plan can be shared with your treating team or General Practitioner to ensure everyone is on the same page and research shows this promotes better outcomes.  

The initial care plan takes approximately 2-3 hours and includes an in-depth needs assessment with one of our cancer care nurses. After identifying your needs, we then work with you to create the best plan and coordinate your care to support your health and well-being. Regular reviews of your care plan are recommended with your cancer care nurse and this living, working document is yours to assist you in navigating your cancer diagnosis.

Care Plans: included as part of your Care Partnership Program

Allied Health Services

Our team of Allied Health Professionals are here to support you every step of the way. Consultations can be arranged by your cancer care nurse and are booked at reception or over the phone. All consultations are the same price for each of our specialists. 

Consultations may also be covered in part by Medicare through a GP Management Plan and our nurses can organise with you if needed. Private Health funds may also offer re-imbursement for Allied Health Consultations. Department of Veterans Affairs claiming is also available.

Allied Health Consultations: $85 per consult

Complementary Therapies

Our Practitioners focus on your health and well-being needs through a variety of evidence-based therapies. Complementary Therapies can assist in the management of symptoms and aid with relaxation, fatigue and anxiety. All appointments are the same price for each therapeutic service.

Private Health funds may also offer re-imbursement for some Complementary Therapies. Please check your policy and let us know if coverage is available. We can process health fund claiming at the COUCH Wellness Centre at the time of your appointment.

Complementary Therapies: $100 per therapy

Group Classes

Come along and enjoy any group class at the COUCH Wellness Centre by offering a donation towards your attendance. Each time you join a class, the donation tin will be available upon sign in and feel free to place your value on the support and service you receive during that class.  

We are all about building a supportive community at the COUCH Wellness Centre. We appreciate any contribution you would like to make, and all monies donated go directly towards reducing the cost of client care services offered at the COUCH Wellness Centre. Your donation helps other clients to manage their health and well-being too.

Group classes include Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation. We also have small group exercise classes that are run by an Exercise Physiologist and often take place in the Gym using a combination of gym and fitness equipment. 

Group Classes: Personal donation per class 

Gym Classes: $10 per class

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