Thank you for your generous support

Over the past 4 years, our team has raised over $250,000 towards the construction of the COUCH Wellness Centre. Your donations will now go towards funding essential services at the centre and will support the provision of care to our clients. You will also assist with the ongoing construction as we enter Phase 2 of the COUCH Wellness Centre in the near future.

Thank you in advance for supporting the COUCH charity and for contributing to better treatment facilities for the people diagnosed with cancer in the Tropical North.

Every dollar makes a difference

We thank you for your generous support.


A $30 donation will cover costs for cancer care support group meetings for 1 month at the COUCH Wellness Centre.

A $50 donation will assist a person diagnosed with cancer to talk with a cancer care specialist about managing their treatment side effects.

A $60 donation will provide a specialised oncology massage to a person living with cancer.

A $100 donation will cover 3 months of health & wellbeing classes, such as yoga, pilates and meditation.

A $300 donation will enable a person diagnosed with cancer to access a specialist oncology nurse to coordinate, advocate and support their chosen care and treatment pathway.

A $1000 donation will support a client for 1 year to access nursing, allied health and complementary therapies aimed to enhance quality of life whilst living with cancer.

Support COUCH and donate today!