Oncology massage treatments at the COUCH Wellness Centre Cairns are provided by a Massage Therapist who has completed specialised training in Massage for cancer.  

Each treatment is tailored to support the client’s individual needs and research has shown improvements with a range of treatment issues that people living with cancer may experience.  These can include reducing fatigue, nausea, constipation, anxiety, pain and depression. The techniques used are gentle and focus on softening the muscle tissues whilst supporting the person. 

What can I expect at my first appointment? 

During your first consult, the Therapist will gather information on your health, well-being and cancer history. They will also ask about your cancer treatments and any side effects or symptoms you may be experiencing.  

Be sure to tell your Therapist if you have any pain or areas where you would like the treatment concentrated on.  This level of information enables the Therapist to adapt the treatment specifically to your needs and achieve the best outcomes for you during your massage. 

How long are the appointments, and how often should I have an Oncology Massage? 

Our Massage Therapist focuses on preventative health care.  This means using oncology or remedial massage as a tool to maintain your wellness as well as assisting with healing and recovery.  We encourage clients to include massage in their wellness plan for the clinical benefits during recovery from cancer.  

Massage appointments are usually 60 minutes in length, and it is up to you how often you would like to attend. You can discuss with the Massage Therapist your individual needs and make a plan for ongoing treatments, or simply enjoy a once off treatment when it suits you. 

We have Oncology Massage appointments available every Wednesday at the COUCH Wellness Centre. Clients and Carers can also book a remedial massage with our massage therapist.  

Will I be able to claim this through my private health? 

Private Health Insurance rebates are available for Oncology and Remedial Massage at the COUCH Wellness Centre.  




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